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You are at michelebardsley.com. It’s my website. It’s my newsletter. It’s where you can read my fiction. It’s also how I earn my living. If you love vampires, werewolves, witches, ghosts, psychics, zombies, demon hunters, ghouls, and banshees, you are in the right place! We are the fiction fiends who adore the romance, paranormal, mystery, and horror genres.

Who are you?

I’m New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Michele Bardsley, author of the Broken Heart, Oklahoma paranormal romances and the Violetta Graves ghost mysteries.

author michele bardsley signing a book

I reside in Texas, which tries to kill us with its upsy-downsy weather every damned day. I’m married to a modern-day Viking. We love watching The Masked Singer, complaining about the weather, and cuddling with our adorable fur babies, a Frenchton named Pepper and an orange tabby named Picasso.

You can email me any time at: michele.bardsley@gmail.com

How do I access your fiction?

I write and record audio formats, including the Broken Heart paranormal romances and Violetta Graves ghost mysteries, for paid subscribers.

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Subscribers will also get exclusive early access to a Super Secret podcast project (more on that will be announced soon!).

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I write about cold cases and unidentified murder victims in Texas on NewsBreak. If you’re fan of the Investigation Discovery channel, Dateline, 20/20, and 48 Hours, then you’ll like the nonfiction crime stories I write on NewsBreak.

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The Doe Letters

I also write The Doe Letters, which are letters I pen to unidentified deceased persons in the hopes of getting information out about their cases. The Doe Letters are free to read and if you find them helpful, please share!

Social Media

I’m on Mastodon. I love the Fediverse. No ads. No algorithms. No manufactured outrage. Using Mastodon to connect with other humans is, for me, like sitting in the comfiest chair in my own personal library with tea and books and chocolates and chatting online with other people sitting in their comfiest chairs in their favorite spaces with their own delicious drinks and snacks. It’s exactly like that meme: Introverts Unite! Separately. In Your Own Homes. For details about Mastodon and how the Fediverse works, check out FediTips.com.

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I am also on Reddit, which is more like my favorite hole-in-the-wall bar with low lighting, sticky tables, and questionable food. But the drinks are cheap and the people are interesting. Just don’t use the bathroom alone. Or stare at the one-eyed guy nursing a beer in the shadowy corner booth.

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Michele Bardsley
I write the Broken Heart paranormal romances and Violetta Graves ghost mysteries. I love chocolate. Zombies were people, too. Tell me about your dog.