Oh? You’d Like to Know More About Me?

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Hello, you bloody wonderful readers of paranormal romance and mystery!

I’m New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Michele Bardsley, author of the Broken Heart, Oklahoma romance and mystery series and the Violetta Graves ghost mysteries. I also post episodes in the super sexy paranormal romance serial The Alpha Kings on the Radish Fiction app. (Here's a gift code for The Alpha Kings if you want to start reading it for free!)

But, wait! I also write true crime non-fiction articles, NoSleep stories, horror, and the Blackerby County mystery thriller serials under the name Michele Freeman.

I reside in Texas, which tries to kill us with its bi-polar weather every damned day. I’m married to a modern-day Viking. We love watching The Masked Singer, complaining about the weather, and cuddling our adorable fur babies, a Frenchton named Pepper and an orange tabby named Picasso.

You can email me any time at: michele.bardsley@gmail.com





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Michele Bardsley
I write the Broken Heart paranormal romances and Violetta Graves ghost mysteries. I love chocolate. Zombies were people, too. Tell me about your dog.