I write true crime and dark fiction as Michele Freeman and paranormal romance and mystery as New York Times bestselling author Michele Bardsley.


By Michele Freeman

It doesn't matter where I am.

Only what I witnessed.

The night the protesters gathered, I watched demons slip into human skins as easily as you or I would don a winter coat. They ripped out the interiors. Sinew. Muscle. Bone. Dropped them carelessly onto sidewalks. Streets. Alleyways. Splat. Splat. Splat.

They slithered into the crowds, their fetid breath emitting gaseous lies. Poisonous syllables fell into mouths and were swallowed whole. Innocents choked on word-shaped venom.

And the demons laughed and danced and reveled in chaotic rage. They threw bricks at cars. Smashed windows. Attacked bystanders. They crafted fireballs and lobbed the flame-bombs at buildings and screamed, "Burn it to the ground!"

I fell to my knees, sobbed as I watched the demonic terrorism unfold, my heart collapsing inward.

I felt helpless.




Hundreds of protesters linked their arms. Fortified themselves and others. Shouted in unison. Created a song of resilience. Of survival. Of love.

I struggled to my feet and added my voice to the thunderous chorus. I watched the demons so hungry for tragedy shrink...getting smaller and smaller until their stolen skins fell away. Until they were nothing but wisps of sulfuric smoke dissipated by the power of our symphony.

Evil grows easily in the souls of those who remain silent.

Use your voice. Sing your truth. Hold tight to those beside you.

It doesn't matter where I am.

Only what I witnessed did.




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