True Crime

Sep 17, 2023
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I write true crime articles for The Crime Wire under my real name, Michele Freeman. Below are the direct links to every story I’ve written for The Crime Wire. You can also click here to view my profile and true crime articles.

Pixy Stix and Poison: The Murder of Timothy O'Bryan
Still Missing: Morgan Nick Abduction Closer to Being Solved
The Murder of Holly Maddux by Earth Day Fraud Ira Einhorn
How Amber Hagerman’s Murder Inspired the AMBER Alert System
The Abduction and Murder of Jacob Wetterling: Solved 30 Years Later
Elizabeth Barclay: Texas Rangers Still Hunting for 7-Year-Old's Killer
Rudy Farias: Houston Boy Held Hostage for Eight Years by His Own Mother
Will DNA Finally Reveal Baby Madison's True Identity?
Texas Serial Killer Dean Corll's Last Unidentified Victim: Who is Swimsuit Boy?
The Tragic Death of Mikiko Kasahara
Missing Eaton, Indiana, Teen Scottie Morris Found in "Shaming Shirt"
Estella and Andrew Salinas: Unsolved Murder of Mother and Son on Christmas Day 1980
Larry Ray and the Cult of Cruelty at Sarah Lawrence College
The Sad, Strange Story of the Iola, Texas Jane Doe
The Handcuffed Boy: Did Texas Serial Killer Dean Corll Murder This Unknown Teen?
What Happened to 12-Year-Old Sheryl Denise Taylor?
Jerilyn Smith: DNA From Severed Foot Solves Missing Persons Case
Six Skulls: Unknown Victims in Texas
Web of Death: Cold Cases Cracked by Citizen Sleuths
May 25: Etan Patz and National Missing Children's Day
Janice Baze: Army Wife Disappears After Taking Car Ride With Husband Everett Baze
Who Strangled Fairway Jane Doe in Dallas, Texas?