Broken Heart

Hi there! You are currently perusing the paranormal romances written about Broken Heart, Oklahoma’s only paranormal community (it’s a secret, so don’t tell other humans, okay?). If you’ve never visited Broken Heart before, then welcome, welcome, welcome! We love your necks. Uh, we mean you. We love you. Ahem.

This page is arranged in the order the books should be read if you are a series purist. The books can be read in any order (but WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?). No, really, each novel is a complete story all by itself. Read them out of order if you want, you chaos agent, you.

The nine-book original Broken Heart paranormal romance series is available on Amazon, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, and Rakuten Kobo.

COMING SOON! Zombie Larry—a free read about a zombie who befriends a little girl in Broken Heart and goes on rambling adventures in the town.

Zombie Larry - A free zombie Broken Heart tale by Michele Bardsley

We begin the new Broken Heart Stories series with Some Lycan Hot, which is the paranormal romance about the youngest of the werewolf triplets, Darrius, and his lost love, Alaya. Coming Soon!