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Welcome Readers!

Humorous Paranormal Romance Mysteries

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Michele Bardsley / Michele Freeman / Michele Vail

Welcome, Readers!

Hi there! I'm Michele Bardsley. And Michele Freeman. And Michele Vail.

When I'm not writing, I take naps, eat dark chocolate, watch zombie movies, and avoid cooking at all costs.

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Humorous Paranormal Romance Mysteries

As Michele Bardsley, I write the Broken Heart paranormal romance mystery series, the Violetta Graves ghost mysteries, the sexy supernatural serial The Alpha Kings, and the Wizards of Nevermore fantasy series.

You can read Broken Heart and Violetta Graves paranormal romance mystery fiction (plus other supernatural exclusives) by upgrading your subscription.

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With Broken Heart and Violetta Graves stories you'll scream ... with laughter.

Free Short Stories

I post short stories regularly on Vocal, a long-form content publishing platform. You can read everything I post for free! No need to sign up for an account or jump through any hoops. Individual stories are linked below. Click the story title to go to its Vocal page. Or you can visit my Vocal profile to peruse all of my available fiction.

Wizards of Nevermore Paranormal Romances

(Two books in this series.)