Dirty Rotten Vampires - Book 1 in the Broken Heart Paranormal Cozy Mystery Series

Broken Heart Paranormal Cozy Mysteries

  • #1 - Dirty Rotten Vampires
  • #2 - Twelve Angry Vampires (2019)
  • #3 - Citizen Vampire (2019)
  • #4 - The Vampire Connection (2019)
  • #5 - A Vampire in Paris (2020)

Book 1 in the Broken Heart Cozy Paranormal Mystery Series

My name is Jessica O'Halloran and I'm a vampire.

When my husband Patrick suggested a weekend getaway to a paranormal bed-and-breakfast situated on little island off the coast of Maine, I was all in. Even though it ended up being completely spooky.

And during a vicious storm.

With a killer.

Now I gotta figure out who’s offing the guests because if I don’t—

Patrick and I might just lose our heads.

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