July 17, 2014

The Pack Rules 5: Loved by the Alpha

Loved by the Alpha is part five in a five-part werewolf romance serial written by Michele Bardsley
Part five in a five-part Hot Werewolf Shifter Romance serial 

Every 20 years, the Shadow Pack arrives in the small desert community of Bleed City, Nevada. To honor the pact made 150 years ago with the werewolves, the town offers up their eldest daughters for the Choosing--a ceremony where the shifters pick their virgin brides. Like most werewolf packs, the Shadows need human females for mating and breeding so they can replenish their werewolf bloodlines.

Arabelle "Belle" Winton is the new bride of Greyson "Grey" Burke, the Shadow Pack's very sexy alpha. Belle has been rescued from the Blood Pack’s vengeful beta. Now she and Grey must deal with a devastating betrayal within the Shadow Pack—and hurry to save the werewolves and humans trapped in Bleed City. It will be the ultimate test of their faith in their friends…and in each other.

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