September 04, 2014

New Vegas Anthology

Three sexy tales of desire by three bestselling authors!
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All bets are off when it comes to desire... 

Demon Kiss by Michele Bardsley 
When Miranda Boson stumbles into the wrong section of town and is nearly mugged, Simon rescues her. Their attraction is undeniable. Miranda is hoping for an affair to remember. What she doesn’t know is that Simon adores her body, but it’s her purity that really turns him on. There’s nothing sexier to a demon than an innocent soul begging to be corrupted. And all it takes to start the hellfires burning is a real virgin’s kiss… 

Double Down by Renee George 
All bets are off as the two shifters decide whether they can put their differences aside to make Maxine Simm’s fantasies come true, and they discover there is more beneath the surface anger that they feel for each other than either one of them could have imagined. 

An Improper Gamble by Emma Ray Garrett 
Amy Sundry is about to go insane. Sharing blood and magic with Adyan Regillus, sexy cat-shifter and owner of The Luxy Lady, has given the infuriating beast an all access pass to her every thought, every desire. She has the same ability, but with Adyan feeding her fantasies and erotic sensation at all hours, Amy can’t get even. When friend, and fellow vamp, Vincent confesses he’s the reason Adyan has been working his link with her like a pro, Amy’s ready to duke it out. But after a spanking she’ll never forget, Amy begins to think maybe Vincent and Adyan might be the perfect pair for her…